Who is Clear Energy Renewables?

Clear Energy Renewables is a producer and supplier of locally sourced, certified renewable energy. We are committed to working in partnership with energy customers of all size to help make a positive impact in the communities where they operate and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Our goal is to make clean energy more readily available nationwide by expanding local renewable energy production. When a company joins our Local Green Program, it is making a direct, lasting impact in the communities where they operate, the country and on the world at large.

What is locally sourced, certified renewable energy?

Local renewable energy sources include solar, wind, small hydro and more. These sources supply the electrical grid with clean energy where it is consumed by users on the same grid. Shortening transmission distances reduces stress on the grid — both improving efficiency and making it more resilient. Even more importantly, adding locally sourced renewable energy to the grid makes it more accessible to all energy consumers in that community. Expanding local renewable energy production also reduces reliance on fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. At CER our strategy and commitment is to think globally and act locally.

Why should my company support local renewable energy production?

When a company supports expansion of local renewable energy production, the whole community reaps the benefits: clean energy access and usage grows, the energy grid becomes more resilient and local economies thrive. CER’s Local Green Program can become an integral and essential part of a company’s sustainability initiative with virtually zero cost.  In a time of consumer and stakeholder preference for “brands with purpose” CER’s Local Green Program provides companies with tangible and transparent actions that benefit customers, employees and the community at large.  Some companies will even enjoy an energy cost savings when they commit to supporting local renewable energy.

How is CER driving local renewable energy production?

We are building out our portfolio of certified clean energy producers in communities across the U.S. We will produce and source certified clean energy from solar, wind, small-scale hydro and pumped storage sites that can be efficiently delivered to CER customers operating in their local communities. Our Green Local Program was created to enable conscientious companies to be part of the clean energy solution and take a direct role by supporting increased renewable energy production alongside us, one community at a time.

Can my company can engage in clean energy production in its community at no cost?

Yes! The CER Local Green Program is the first of its kind. We give a company the opportunity to engage local renewable energy production in communities where you have operations. You can commit to supporting local clean energy production at the dollar level you choose.

As a participant in the Local Green Program, you can offset all or part of your estimated energy bill. When you receive your bill from the electric utility it will include a credit reflecting the previous months CER generation.  You then pay CER for the negotiated value of the credit.

How does the Local Green Program work?

CER works with each of our customer companies to create a tailor-made program that meets your needs. First, we review your company’s historical electricity usage to right size the amount of energy you may need. Then you commit a level of renewable energy production that will allow you to offset up to 100% of your energy costs over the course of your agreement. You receive a CER Local Green Program credit that’s applied directly to your utility bill from your current utility each month. If a month’s bill credit is more than your energy bill in that given month, the credit rolls over to the next month — and it’s good for up to 25 years.

CER bills you at the agreed upon rate for each monthly credit. Be assured CER only invoices you after your utility bill has been credited in the amount of your Local Green Program contribution for a given month. Upon starting the program, we may ask for an upfront payment for Month One of the renewable production level you have agreed upon. You are only invoiced by CER after your utility bill has been credited.

What’s the cost to join the Local Green Program?

The CER Local Green Program is no cost to our customers.

Is it possible to save money on my electric bill?

Depending on your individual Local Green Program agreement with CER, you may receive a discount on the credits that are ultimately applied dollar to your electric bill, therefore lowering your total electric cost. We anticipate that some CER customers may see an annual net energy cost savings of up to 10% by supporting local renewable energy production.

What is the commitment required?

CER works with you to determine the dollar level you would like to offset based on your current energy usage so you can plan to offset all or a given percentage of your monthly energy cost. We recommend a minimum one-year commitment to our program. If at any time you would like to end the program, we ask that you provide 60 days written notice.

What are the necessary steps to get started?

The first step is to have a discussion with the CER team so we can learn more about your company, specifically where your operations are located in the U.S. and your estimated energy usage at those sites. We can then match your sites to our nearby local renewable energy sources, and provide you with a customized Local Green Program plan that outlines what you can expect.

There is no other zero cost sustainable energy program that helps companies to become more environmentally and socially responsible. Now it’s possible for every company contribute to the betterment of the local communities they are part of and the entire planet.

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