We’re growing Local Renewable Energy production
to make clean energy more accessible and affordable to everyone.


We’ve identified an incredible opportunity for synergy: We can create a win-win for the planet and forward-looking companies committed to building a brand that embodies environmental and social responsibility.

As dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneurs we are taking on the challenge to dramatically increase renewable energy adoption in the U.S. At the same time, today’s forward-thinking corporations are under pressure to execute on a renewable energy strategy that meets the expectations of stakeholders today and in the future. We have created a simple, yet powerful way for a company to affect real change that will be embraced by customers, employees and investors.

CER empowers companies with a streamlined solution for purchasing local renewable energy that benefits the world at-large by reducing carbon emissions and directly supports the local communities in which they operate.

We, too, are investing in these communities for the long-term by optimizing local renewable energy production sites to make renewable energy accessible to both conscientious companies and the entire community. It’s possible to make great strides to expand renewable energy adoption by improving production and transmission efficiency in local communities across the U.S.

Our commitment to these communities also includes stewardship of precious community watersheds that are home to fish and wildlife, and provide outdoor recreation for citizens.

We’re making a bigger global impact by acting locally. Join us.


Matt Wenger

Matt Wenger


A founder of the Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Power Corp as Director of IT and Operations, projects included the installation and management of 1GW of new hydro capacity on non-power generating assets on the Columbia River.

Matt has led multiple organizations up to $10M+, and has been a partner in venture capital and private equity firms where he has raised over $60M in equity, debt, and grants for ventures ranging from startups to infrastructure projects.

Michael Prendergast

Michael Prendergast

Executive Chairman

Mike began building companies in Colorado nearly 30 years ago spanning across energy, technology and sustainability sectors – collectively exceeding $1B in lifetime revenues.

Mike founded ClearPower North America in the early 2010s, bringing superior technologies to the small hydro industry and has spoken on behalf of the US Chamber of Commerce Office of Sustainability. Mike is the Executive Chair and Founder of CEH’s parent company, Infinite Peaks Holdings.

We Are Our Values

Clear Energy Renewables is based in Greater Denver, Colorado. We’re passionate outdoor enthusiasts who understand the imperative to make bold changes today so that future generations can enjoy a world abundant with healthy forests, rivers, seas and wildlife.

The time is now for a dramatic move from fossil fuel based energy to virtually 100% renewable energy sources in the U.S. and around the world. We believe we can do our part to build momentum toward this goal by empowering visionary corporations and local communities alike with accessible, affordable renewable energy.





sinərjē | The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.